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letra de ex's and liquor - lavaa man


yeah, aye

[verse 1]
i bought you a phone, how you give n-ggas the number
you tried to play it off, like he ain’t tryna f-ck ya
she changed my first name to f-ck, and my first name to my last
she be like f-ck lava, i can’t stand his ass
she hate a-daddy, but she love scuba steve
that b-tch be talkin smart, like she got two degrees
she say her heart cold, it’s like two degrees
she mad i keep it player, and i f-ck’em two a piece
but that’s just the life and times of a up n-gga
now you can go right back, to f-ckin’ f-ck n-ggas
you always end up on your knees, when you touch liquor
you be poppin’ p’s, h-lla pills in your spit up

[verse 2]
i stayed up all night, did you read my letter
x-o-x-o, and somethin’ extra
l-o-v-e, i meant every letter
tried to let me go, but i will not let ya
toxic like a cigarette, with all the smoke
it was funny like a comedian, with all the jokes
singin’ in the bedroom, you hit all the notes
d-mn baby who win, ain’t gotta split no votes
kissin’ on your body to your pretty toes
but there’s just one thing that i gotta know
did you read the love letter that i wrote
(did you read the love letter that i wrote)

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