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letra de christmas fowl market - laurie shaw


christmas fowl market
a high class young lady trots
scalding hot pots hit the cobbles
into tributaries of hay and muck

bodies embalmed in the bog
a mother’s son
what’s a war between friends?

with the snow picking up pace
and i said “here, your carriage awaits”
you were like gold coins falling from the thatched roof
sp-ce age transmitters and hand held instant cinema

i must have turned down a wrong street
all of these period costumes
and cowboy shows in between laser gun stalls
what’s a war between friends?

by the time we got to teeling street font
i was in fisherman’s knots saying it wasn’t love
i was on tendеr hooks
and at the search i was candid
said “good man, don’t handle my wеapon like that”
well i got right whacked for it!
as my friends were led away into dark rooms
i was all clinging on with wet fingers
to us eating chips
wrapped in yesterday’s western people
at the christmas fowl market
through the snow, just a stone’s throw from here
just a cart’s width from you
just a lips width from you
and the heat of your body
and the chips in yesterday’s western people

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