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letra de run into yo ass - lady bee (usa)


(project pat)
make a n-gga like me run into yo ass

[skinny pimp: verse 1]
my n-gga cello and lil fred dead from the bullet wound
the media tryna say it’s gang related
mane, them b-tches tradin
my n-gga never g-ngb-ng a brother for a color
a murder charge with no heart
they even k!lled his mother
they burnt up his ’93 cherokee
no fingerprints, no evidence
the n-gga that k!lled him was from the same hood
they grew up with each other but still no love
news 3 always changing sh-t, that’s why i hate them hoes
always tryna make a n-gga look bad
change my style, kiss my ass
the sh-t goes own like everyday
that’s why a n-gga like me gotta say
sh-t that be on my f-ckin mind
y’all know the f-ckin time
players that roll clean
they make a n-gga scope ’em
n-ggas that know ’em
they be the one to smoke ’em
what’s up to my n-gga chill will?
rest in peace player
family k!llin family over petty for real
we come together, slow up on this black on black
you better hear me though, b-tch
i’m run into yo ass
(project pat)
make a n-gga like me run into yo ass

[lady bee: verse 2]
i grew up as a stepchild
my momma was dead, my daddy once said
that i wouldn’t be sh-t
(you ain’t gonna be sh-t when you grow up)
so now i gotta struggle at the age 17
you gotta save early, when you old
then you count yo green
i was just a virgin, back then splurgin
on my body, n-ggas loved shape
but they couldn’t bust a grape
almost everyday i think about this sh-t when i was young
how this world done changed
dope, money, weed runnin thangs (ain’t it mane)
husbands shootin they wife
thinkin she dead, so he take his life
suicidal, unforgiven sins, now you h-ll type
funerals real thick, neighborhoods kinda sick
families havin a fit, news reporters eat the cat
they don’t understand that we takin sh-t to d-mn far
they can’t recognize until they move up on our boulevard
no good, hollywood
big dope dealers never last
tryna front a youngin sellout snitchin on yo monkey ass
(project pat)
make a n-gga like me run into yo ass

[skinny pimp: verse 3]
n-ggas in the morgue
cause another n-gga took ’em, scoped ’em out
jealousness, brokeness
make some bustas wanna cl!ck
gankin all your road dawgs
me? i’m rollin shawty dawg
splurgin at the f-ckin mall cause i stay about my hog

[lady bee: verse 4]
one life to live, too short
but still, we just k!ll each other
40% black in jail, 40% black in h-ll
take it from an older person
the streets is just a death trap
all up in the club claimin hoods knowin yo ass ain’t strap

[skinny pimp: verse 5]
livin as a convict, equal to a f-ggot
if yo shank ain’t sharp
pick up your soap and turn yo ass in
what’s up to the guards down at 201
they straight with me, corporately
ridin them fake ass bustas claimin k!ller g
[lady bee: verse 6]
down in my hood everybody smilin ain’t yo friend
they want what you got
plus the knife, when it hits yo back
you’s d-mn fool if you scopin out my illegal stash
imma have my brother gino folks lookin for yo ass

(project pat)
make a n-gga like me run into yo ass