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letra de in for the kill - la roux


“in for the kill”

we can fight our desires, oo-oo
but when we start making fires
we get ever so hot, oo-oo
whether we like it or not

they say we can love who we trust, oo-oo
but what is love without l-st.
two hearts with accurate devotion, oo-oo
what are feelings without emotions?

i’m going in for the kill
i’m doing it for a thrill
oh, i’m hoping you’ll understand
and not let go of my hand [repeat 2x]

i had my hopes out on the line, oo-oo
well they’ll be ready for you in time.
if you leave them out too long, oo-oo
they’ll be withered by the sun.

full stops and exclamation marks, oo-oo
my heart stopped moving ‘fore i start.
how far can you send emotions? oo-oo
can this bridge cross the ocean?


let’s go to war to make peace
let’s be cold to create heat
i hope in darkness we can see
and you’re not blinded by the light from me



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