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letra de player - la higgz



[verse 1: la higgz]
when i pull up, pull up on the scene
i’m bout that action, bet you know it’s me
bounce that p-ssy, put it on me
don’t bounce that check, i need more royalties
oh, i get all of your attention now?
remember way back,d you ain’t notice me
now these b-tches treat me like i’m jodeci
i ain’t t.o. but you know that i’m going deep
bet if you catch me in public you know it’s me
business booming, buzzing like a bumble bee
get into it, your b-tch think it’s lovely
i toot and booted the b-tch cause it’s cuffing season
i ain’t through with the b-tch if she come for me
keep on sucking me up, keep me company
i don’t think that you can get enough of me
you ain’t got your own, can’t get enough of me


[verse 2: day day]
let me know, let me know
is you really running plays?
are you out here playing games?
i’mma find out either way
checking b-tches like it’s checkmate
was down bad but i kept faith
growing up it ain’t no other way
won’t you go and get a bag today
hustle, hustle for these diamonds
know you see your boy shining
god speed, perfect timing
let me out, i’m back grinding
laying on my back, hard timing on that mat
when they pop these cups, return of the mack
let me see something, show me where it’s at
she gon bust it open no matter where it’s at

[hook] x2