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letra de summertime - l.a.donte



[verse 1: l.a.donte & cuz worthington]
summertime (yea)
i’m tony hawk when i’m on the grind (yea)
i gotta run up the score one time
i’m bound to take it, i know it’s mine (yea!)
i’m feeling like i did coca line
i’m feeling ecstatic, i’m feeling alive (woo!)
i’m feeling like cole so i might hit dallas (woo!)
and buy out the mavericks before he can have it (yeaaaa!)
you may think i’m joking, but i gotta do it
stacking my paper until i can prove it
i used to be harlem shaking through the pressure
but i’m tryna money dance while making music (get off me, get off me ugh)
my sneakers was clean when i jumped off the porch, but they dirty as f-ck from the way i maneuver (ugh!)
n-ggas was getting it out of the mud, i had to get it out of the manure
bullsh-t, yea i know, but you gotta play with the cards that you know you was dealt (for real)
i was cut from a different cloth, boy i’m smoother than suede, and you n-ggas is felt (for real!)
that’s why you always hit below the belt, low blows just to get ya name known
n-gga you slippin, do you need some help?
i know you tired of sittin on the shelf
in the summertime…

[bridge: cuz worthington & l.a.donte]
aw it’s the summer time, it’s hotter than a motherf-cker out here
(yea, i love how this heat been hitting me lately man.)
it’s hotter than two fat b-tches in the backseat of a two seater, you feel that?
(it’s making me feel like i really gotta put some work in.)
ya gotta put some work in..
more than a little bit too..
(in the summer time….)
in the what??
(in the summer time…)
yeaaa i like that, i like that. y’all hear that sh-t?
(in the summer time, yea.)
it’s hot than a motherf-cker out here
(in the summer time…)
it feel like a hunnid and fifteen degrees in the shade, do ya understand me?
(in the summer time…)
(alright alright, check it out.)

[verse 2: l.a.donte & cuz worthington]
i got this wood lit in my left hand (i do!)
bad b-tch on the right side (i do!)
i ain’t have to shoot a shot for it (nah!)
dunked the ball like i’m whiteside (aye!)
hot as f-ck like the summertime even when i pull up in the night time
but she be blowing up my phone every single day, she calling for the pipeline (brrrr woah!)
and i know it’s summertime madness so i been kooling with me and the gang (gang!)
don’t come around if you can’t face an eighth
that’s the requirement for you to hang (ya b-tch!)
we been smoking, smoking, smoking and talking, a conversation about getting the bank
keep the people on a need to know basis, we dropping music, we just want you to wait (mmhmm)
and that’s the problem baby y’all so impatient, or maybe we just really stuck in our ways (for real)
i know a couple of folks that had told me the music is fire, they willing to pay (for real?)
so i been working, working, working and working
man f-ck a break, i’ll never sit in the shade (ya dig?)
summer time was the time i had to get mines, and i’m scr-ping up all of the cheese
in the summertime…. (ouuu baby baby!!)
but that’s the way it gotta be
make some paper, spend it all, and double back if you succeed
who that n-gga spitting facts? it’s l-a-d-o-n-t-e (whew!)
mr. be careful on the track because i might destroy yo beat
in the summertime…

[bridge: cuz worthington & l.a.donte]
aw this only track one baby
(in the summer time…)
we got a whooole cd to go, you understand me?
(in the summer time, hmph.)
(in the summer time…)
aw yea them-them pmb boys, them passion boys
(in the summer time…)
aw they on to something
(in the summer time…)
they on to something
(in the summer time.)
(in the summer time… yea)
that boy stepped in the studio with a herringbone
(in the summer time…)
(in the summer time.)
(i said i ain’t have no hook for y’all but y’all know i was lying. i gotta give y’all something to ride to)
give it to ‘em one more time
give these folks the sauce
(check it)

[hook: l.a.donte & cuz worthington]
i been trying hard to keep my bullsh-t all together
i been working in this summer heat and now i’m sweating baby
they told me ain’t no such thing as controlling the weather
but i beg to differ, but i beg to differ
(one more time, one more time, yea!!)
i said
i been trying hard to keep my bullsh-t all together (ya dig?)
i been working in this summer heat and now i’m sweating baby (ya dig?)
they told me ain’t no such thing as controlling the weather (woah!)
but i beg to differ, but i beg to differ baby….

[outro: cuz worthington]
ya know something the government got to be controlling this sh-t cause this sh-t is unnaturally motherf-cking hot, you understand me?
for a player like myself
unh-unh, i got to stay in the house
unh-unh, that’s why i’m in the radio station
i’m cool, i hope y’all got the windows cracked or something
look, you leave ya kids in the car under 10 ya going to jail!
do you hear me? ya going to jail
in the summer time, gah dammit
that’s summertime
that is the second track
and we here, it’s summer time vibes baby
allll evening!
on northside radio, 82.2…