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letra de 21 summers - l.a.donte


[hook: l.a.donte & baby trick]
21 summeeeers!
(aye shawty you over there in them gah d-mn daisy dukes)
girl you always on my mind
(you you, you beside the girl in the leggings)
constantly calling my line
girl you got me gone…
(yea yea yea you you you, c’mon over here and holla at my n-gga)

21 summeeeers!
(girl you hot as f-ck, you hotter than a summer day in the middle of august melting an ice cream cone and sh-t)
girl this feeling so sublime
(you know you fine as f-ck girl!)
i just want you all the time
(you know you fine as f-ck giiirl!!)
girl you got me gone
(just running back and forth, back and forth, back and forth gaah d-mn!!)
21 summeeeers!

[verse 1: l.a.donte & baby trick]
i know it’s hot right now (it’s hot as f-ck right now girl!)
one of the reasons why i’m taking off yo top right now (take it off take it off!)
not just the temperature, but also the tension that’s in the room
i know you husband coming home soon (aw sh-t!)
that’s why i gotta make it quick (quick!)
normally you get 45 minute d-ck (uh-huh!)
but he pulling up in ‘bout 30 (uh-huh!)
so baby i gotta hurry
i’ll give you all that i can in this 25 minute span
(i can only give you a lil bit girl!)
on the last 5 i’m back on the road
i f-cking love the summer!
so what i’m doing right after? (i’m chilling with the homies)
hit the homies, roll a blunt, and then we mix it with laughter (aye pass the d-mn blunt!)
talking bout the different ways to multiply the cake faster
matching sp-ceships, we be getting higher than nasa
and then i’m back to the crib
i’m facing a wood, while writing, plus i’m eating and sh-t
it’s just another good day, i wish it stayed this way forever (f-ckin’ forever girl!)
i swear i love this f-cking weather

[hook: l.a.donte & phresh kyd]
21 summeeeers!
girl you always on my mind (you! you! you!)
constantly calling my line (you! you! you!)
girl you got me gone

21 summeeeers! (you!)
girl this feeling so sublime (so sublime)
i just want you all the time (want you all the time)
girl you got me gone! (yea)
21 summeeeers!!

[verse 2: phresh kyd]
summertime fine, black skin in front of orange sunsets (whaaaa)
kia pull up, what’s next? (riiight)
we skrt off into what text? (skrt!)
was talkin ‘bout before this, we won’t be in no houses (nah)
stick it in yo cheerio, i’m just gone need some crumpets (whew!)
pip! pip! kissing on two lips, flowers blooming through this
let me water them for a second
drizzle on ya skin, i’ll have you lightly drenching
eat ya like pluckerz tenders, honey gold yea they drenched in
moonlight breeze across ya ass cheeks
staring at the moon like i’ll give ya stars if you ask me (just ask)
chain shine brighter than these fireflies, but you the only fire in my eyes without this sunrise (sssh)
but now this son gone rise, and stretch my kingdom where my light touch (touch)
we just woke up, ya don’t want me to rush (no rush no rush)
it’s cool, i got 5 more minutes to spare
as i play with the naturals in hair….
i can wait…

[outro: baby trick]
aye girl it’s the summer time, it’s the summer time, it’s the summer time!
girl what you doing over there with that fine ass that you showing
you dragging that wagon girl, and you know i’m tryna get behind it girl
you know i need to get in that motherf-cker!
gaaaaah d-mn girl!! you hot than a motherf-cker out here girl
it’s the summer time baby
why don’t you get on? you know my n-gga run 82.2 northside radio…