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letra de wait for you - kyle richh, gbg sheik, iffy foreign


grah grah grah
mm nah, turn that up. (d-mn) young madz

like sh-t
i went in my spot and i had to go take it
i claimed it, n-ggas not basic
n-ggas be mad why these n-ggas be hating
like notti all in my fragrance

notti all in my spliff
n-ggas is mad cos you resting in p-ss
cos he dead in a ditch
spin thru the mitch tryna catch me a hit

spin thru the mitch ima hop off a [?]
don’t run cos these bullets gon catch you
both stretch you n-gga got left too
notti got poked and dd you next too

pop a 30 take care of my mental
like, n-ggas don’t know what i went through
i got my g tryna see what to bend through
put the two to his mouth, all dental

like, dissin tryna get richh
spin thru the mitch just let off like six
i might let off a dozen, don’t cap bout worda my might hit up his cousin
like, lights down where the bluffin
got no chop n-gga stop all thе talkin
you a demon and never did nothing, likе got no stats that’s the end of discussion
b-lovee, you corny got my v might spin on my doley

lil n-gga don’t know me, watch how you [?] watch how you oppose me
13, doing drills with my doley
14, doing the dash in the [?]
do-don’t act dumb might up with all my homies
what did you do how you gon lil bro me?
how you telling your mans though?
he a b-tch he was taking the stand-off
too tact, big guns like rambo
my n-ggas back and y’all n-ggas can’t stand off

spot a g and i’m reversing the v
i got my tan that’s unlimited ammo
c-cdot look better in camo
how is they dissing but we made them ran tho?

moving hot you gon catch you a hot one
bunny hop over here oh we got one
we dropped them, bullets gon rock em
sheik got the views while we spinnin the [?]
two chops and two twin knockas
you can get hit if you not actin proper
oh she a thot go line em
oh he act up he went out like osama
mo kartii a dubag see him ima knock him out his durag
on bro you a dubag, leaking the tracks like why would you do that
he can get shot if he try to get jiggy
4100 we running the city
like yus, get off my d-ck

how many times is you gonna get hit
lets smoke nic, this sh-t a clip
bdot a b-tch he got beat with the grip
why n-ggas chatting like we don’t put on?
how n-ggas dissing but got no guns?
this clout sh-t that i got no fun
i’m tryna crash i don’t wanna be famous
every second i’m feeling aggressive
i’m at the top i don’t feel like i made it
go-going up and they hate it
like, life is a game and i played it
i would be dead if my feature was basic
i don’t realise my future remains it
like, momma we made it!
i can stop till – i’m the greatest
love with my brothers the n-ggas i came with

young madz, madz, madz
(i will wait for you, for you, i will wait for you, i will wait for you)

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