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letra de leap frog - kxzia


yo ma kxzias outside

you look better wit me
she said “boy what’s wrong with you” i said “girl everything”
i get that thought of calling you god d-mn i’m such a fiend
my bro said not think of you and focus on the green
and it’s crazy cause i dreamed about me buying you a ring
my adhd crazy and i tend to overthink
i took a couple shots i know you hate it when i drink
i threw a couple shots i know you hate it when i sing
i threw those hoes away
i said i like your style you can be my prada bae
i’m still gon think about you till the day i pass away
these hoes so f-ckin lame they not comparin’ to your face
and i hope you thinkin bout the sh-t i said the other day
we had some ups and downs but i know we gon be ok
i made a song about you i just sit and let it play
what you told me was right and i done went the other way
let me know who be talkin to you we gon shoot the fade

i ain’t gon lie that’s cray
but you know i’m insane you be running through my mind
you runnin through my brain and i feel it when i’m high
who’s that boy tryna talk to you i think he wanna die
and i know that you don’t love em but i hate the other guys
sh-t when i get my tool i’m not longer being nice
i see yo ass in school i can’t look into your eyes
sh-t i get that we cool but i miss it when you mine (sh-t)
you too pretty to be out here stressin
mama ima keep on writing till you get the message
i can’t let you go cause you not like my other exes
i know you got my number and i know that you can text it
i’m not to busy four u even when a n-gga restin
i was finna link a b-tch but i ain’t finna lie it wasn’t you
i still pray for you and i be hopin that you pullin through
on my soul mama i see you when i’m lookin at the moon
and i know i made a song and i know that that sh-t was rude
it really scare me i just wanna see my boo
it really scare me you might find another dude
it really scare me got me thinkin in the stu baby hear me out

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