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letra de smile - kutless


on a plane somewhere again
i take my place in line just like every other time
i slide into my window seat
she was sitting there
one seat over so i said “h-llo, how are you today?”

with my smile i could see the hope within her eyes
and i knew that something’s different today

though everything’s the same inside there’s something real
a faith which causes me to change. (but what’s different now)
a spark is gleaming in my eye like diamond stars that fill the sky
i think a smile says it all
a smile says it all

the conversation presses on
as miles p-ss below, she said i have to let you know
you seem so different to me
there is a joy inside
the love of god is all i know from which this could originate

with one smile i could see, the faith we share inside
and i know that something’s different today

i see what a smile can say about me
i know that words are not always what speak
sometimes it’s not what i say
that the world around me seems to understand