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letra de 1993 (#dreamville kypher) - kthechosen


[konxious k]
is it, pushing the envelope if i hit a l!ck?
is it,building the community if i sell a brick?
everyday is a struggle, that’s word to academics
who put in the work just to get that extra credit
it’s all about the debit what you put in and what you spendin
know the cost if you tryna make a profit
what’s a prophet but a person in the present
who recognizes the future is worthwhile investment
actions of today, tomorrow is what they affecting
educate yourself ,your mind the deadliest weapon
know yourself, cos knowing is half the battle
don’t get caught counting sheep when you should be counting cattle

[lil yung k]
they p-ss me every time they p-ss the weed
i ain’t tryna double dose cos i’m dope naturally
you blow trees but i’m more about the roots
you blow trees like giving head to groot
oh rude but you marvel at the dude
so cute oh you hoping you can see me nude
0-2 be the number of the room
so come through
and we can see what we can do
no room service dunno what that’s about
but we ain’t gotta leave if you tryna eat out
like jb gimme that yummy in my mouth
i ain’t roddy rich but i get the box on the couch

can’t open the gryffindor they be tryna slytherin
what’s a wizard in a world of muggle men
a rhyme spitter? a sorcerer with the pen?
leviosa, raising the bar above your chin
spells that i be casting
these jokes they got you laughing
imma stand up guy anytime that i be rapping
they like k, you the chosen but how you do that?
you got the waves like you just took off the durag
i got dreads but please don’t get it twisted
i go ballistic like missile that’s on a mission
for the record, a g*nius like rob markman
cypher on my own cos i’m my only compet-tion