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letra de i strive (i'm a hustla) - krayzie bone


“i strive (i’m a hustla)”

cause i’m a hustla

i strive (cause i’m a hustla) [x8]

i no ya’ll n-gg-s wanna see me fall
ya’ll n-gg-s don’t wanna see me ball
haters hatin hard
because da way i play my cards
krayzie scr-p dey yard
and i’m takin it all just like i hitcha hard and kill em,
den deminish enough said
mr. don’t trust fans the reason we got the ghetto on lock still
cause we da truth and ya’ll not real
spit at da youth when i’m in da booth 100 proof dis is what we do
no what i mean
i’m a tip top, hip hop hustla man
dey say dat wroken really skinny but he muscled da game
don’t even want no mo fame,
just write dat check [? ]
show me some love cause i’m fresh and the best in here
dey try to block my shine but can’t stop my glow
dis time he shock em everytime follow by a 44
i might not been in the scene but i’m always in the picture,
still i shine so my life is right [? ]

i strive (cause i’m a hustla) [x8]

dey wonda how i’m so appealin, and i’m still enable fa da killin(i’m warning ya)
it ain’t no issue, we official when it’s time to handle business(we warriors)
yep i’m a suvivor, rider, struggla, striver, real provider, can make it happen like mcguyver, entrepreneur ain’t nothin to it i’m a wise up
shook all em bustas who neva thought i neva wise up
game, i been on the the runnin before i reckognize game
i see it comin and keep inflictin my way, stay sucka free if i can i don’t even want dem haters to even shake my hand
if it ain’t about no dollas, no don’t even holla, so don’t even botha,
don’t even waste my time cause i done come up from the bottom, broke,
do with out no, so sometimes i hate my life

i strive (cause i’m a hustla) [x8]

100 dolla bills, i’m addicted to scrill ya’ll,
just can’t get out da game, you can’t win,
all you can do is maintain,
do watcha got to do, you gotta look after you,

get cha grind on
if you a hustla [x4]

don’t get to close to dem suckas, no bustas
we gotta make sho dey respect the true thugstas
my time, my grind, i’m tryna find my shine today,
subtract, the law, distract, and find my way,
so come out da way and give me sum fa reala,
and get some money with da real thugs
that’s why we creep up on a rise,
you gotta get yours, i gotta get mine

i strive (cause i’m a hustla) [x8]