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letra de 001 - koopattack


i’m at home
i’m alone (whoa)
i’m a drone
check my phone (whoa)
there no messages that be left at my tone
i been waiting all day, melting like an ice cone (wait)
checking twice
checking many times
spitting many rhymes
i been swinging this like a deep jungle vine
popping cans
and bottles with no throttle
acting like i’m bottles
so b-tch i grab goggles


this not mcdonalds
order elsewhere
my girl she a model
look at that face
unleash like a nozzle
fail triple n
cause i got no toggle
you may be thinking that i am gross
i am most
man with most
jerk for hour
and then shower
every single day
i need to climb towers

i been working on my grind
i been working on my spine
i been working on my shine
i been working and i’m fine
align myself
i need no cosign
to be on top of my game
like whoa i
cross coastlines
find goldmines
do it all and b-tch i reach goal lines
this my story
001 glory
getting gory
put it in a new category
territory (whoa whoa)

terry crews is my main man
wish he was doom
but you know blizz lame man
will i be a groom one day
maybay man
there is no problem
i’m at the bottom
but after autumn
i’mmana blossom
check in with my spirits
so you know i’m not common
check in with my spirits
so i know i’m not forgotten (gotten)