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letra de pakala waters - kolohe kai


“pakala waters”

[verse 1:]
i was getting off my plane going insane
i can’t wait to be back home
on the westside of kauai
pakala h.i. a place i can call my own

[pre chorus:]
im’a kick off these boots
and finally go surf
im going back to my roots
on my hometown turf

(ohh the water make me feel so good) [x2]
im in lovin… always thinking of it
(pakala waters make me feel so good) [x2]
im in lovin.. always thinking of it

[verse 2:]
i finally arrive feelin alive
im a be here all week
my heart is jumpin
cuz the surf is pumpin
off sh-r- and about 8 feet (8 feet)

[pre chorus:]
surfing is how
i push my problems away
im paddling out
glad to be home today


im a local boy and the ocean is my toy
just being in the water fills me up with joy
pakala’s the place for the surfer race
see the smile on my face because pakala’s the place to be