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letra de 3 am - kollegah


once upon a time, i felt deserted in the corner
the challenges and the conflicts, the felonies and the convicts
the lessons of the lord, i must dedicate to the process
’cause a diamond must be treated with pressure to get it flawless
i went out with empty wallets, travelin’ through the hardships
weatherin’ all the storms, a renegade actin’ lawless
i’m tellin’ ’em all the stories to get their big mouths stuffed
like pelicans on the shore ’cause their arrogance is enormous
look at you, so proud of graduatin’ through college
but talkin’ is not walkin’, intelligence isn’t knowledge
while you were hittin’ trees like elephants in the forest
i was raised by the streets, school wasn’t relevant in the progress
a veteran in the war, not panickin’ in the darkness
skeletons in the closet, no halloween costume storage
ended it and started, repented and gave me solace
heavenly visions formin’ like telescopes in the orbit
felt like steppin’ through portals like jennifer f-ckin’ lawrence
accepted the lord and came out with elegance and good morals
f-ck the mental disorders from sellin’ crack at the corners
we were having heavy battles with the federal forces
polizei still wanna know about my mexican sources
like they do in taco bell orders
but as long as they get their payoffs, they be blurrin’ the borders
like international waters or the kardashian lawyers
look, we don’t come for baseball, you’ll get smacked on the forehead
yeah, it’s bats off on your head like at dracula’s fortress
next day, you’ll be flexin’ for a family portrait
with a gap in your front t–th like alfred e. neumann
back to topic, no matter how well-paid your job is
you are held in bondage like a bank robber’s hostage
so you better go out there with a set of some b-lls
to make your legacy grow and show the rest who the boss is
3 am, 3 am
3 am, 3 am
3 am, 3 am
3 am

i’ve been out the cage for four weeks
still my soul is findin’ no peace
i roll deep
3 am
i’ve been out the cage for four weeks
still my soul is findin’ no peace
i roll deep
3 am

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