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letra de blessed like me - kmo


[intro kmo]
i am the lamb
he is my sheppard
but i rely on the herd
some rely on the herb
getting sky high like they can fly
but at least i try
to exorcise the beast but i

[verse 1 kmo]
always fail at it
turn to sin like an addict
i need the holy grail of redemption
being a holy male is my intention
did i mention i’m always doing the wrong thing
it’s time i confessed in this song i sing
covered in grime and filth and slime
i’m only 18 but i’m far from clean
i’ve been mean and a little obscene
i know i’m causing a scene
i’m fighting the green eyed monster
but it keeps on biting harder
no matter what i will conquer
i just hope i can sling
as well as i can sing
and this monster just goes tumbling
down with a crashing sound
big up to ofentse the giant is finally down ( it’s finally down)

[outro kmo
everybody tryna get blessed like me
you just need rep the holy crest like me x2