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basic - klvnklzy


basic , basic

(critical level)

momma ain’t raise no basic
patient, i got a dream im chasing
im racing, shawty gon send location
i might just pull up, i might just pull up
paper, im spending all this paper
i wake up, n-gga try to take my b-tch then take her
and break her, make her meet her maker
its not the lord and saviour
thats why i need the favour

i was all alone in a dark room with the autotune on blast
remember when yall told me that the autotune won’t last
and i thank god for my mom whip golf 8 hope she dont crash
cause she drive too fast and her work people only want cash
n-gga f-ck that bag how you act tough knowing you a f-g
but im not that mad, i dont wanna turn into my dad bro
f-ck that man, this is everything wе ever had bro thank you
and if you evеr tryna make plans dad no thank you



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