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letra de the antidepressant heiress - kleenex girl wonder


well, you said it. there it is
i was not prepared for this
no more oversharing
the focus of sober vision sparing
no detail or flaw or flare
in every aspect: overbearing

by way of comparison:
my shame and embarrassment
about the things i cherish
rendered in a tone most garish
my house, my job, my marriage
to the antidepressant heiress
now she’s supine on a spandrel
and i’m a colonnade
the hoi polloi wanted a scandal
well, they got one, eh?
it’s not my fault i look like a mandrill
by mistake
tie a ribbon, light a candle
who am i kiddin’?
just don’t stand still

the rush of the river over riveted applause
it’s one thing to say it, but you did it. oh my god
oh my god! what the h-ll is going on?
dark eyes always failing me, total photoshop
h-ll no it’s not a metaphor, it’s just a joke, don’t stop
i get no respect at all; luckily, that’s not what i want

i prefer the company
of people who mean nothing to me
and i to them. am i to then
postpone my shy retirement?
i’m running out of spiderwebs
they should have sent a scientist

to the moon and back and back
to the moon for the h-ll of it
got a room of one’s own, but there’s
no room to move due to elephants
jumping to justify everything but my inelegance
you’re so sullen when you’re celibate –
you should celebrate
you’re insulting my intelligence –
you’re doing just great!
but don’t say it’s just an expression when
i’m staring you in the face
gimme your antidepressants –
come on, i just need a taste

gimme your antidepressants
gimme your antidepressants
gimme your antidepressants
gimme your antidepressants
give me your antidepressants
gimme your antidepressants
gimme your antidepressants