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letra de permanent humor - kleenex girl wonder


guy walks into agartha…
says “where are the stars, for starters?
it’s kinda like sparta, but darker
i’m looking for a dorothy parker

long dark hair and eyes like chris marker
last i saw her she was working for a startup
doing pr, a little front-end markup
these renaissance women are dying to be martyrs!”

so we decided:
the world is constantly divided
privately, i sided with you
but i’m an island
i hope you become
one too
oh, boo-hoo
what, too soon?
guy leaves a bar like “f-ck you, moon
you never stick around or even tell me what to do.”
moon waxes, lyrically: “f-ck you too.”
a irish rabbi and a british priest
were laughing as they riffed on the middle east
and now it’s my job to read the cleric in
this sh-t is so godd-mn embarrassing!

an international exchange to trade prayers for sins!
and who wins in an unfair comparison?
if you can’t walk in his shoes, how will you wear his skin?
hmm? care to make your stupid joke again?

i don’t like it, but that’s okay
i’ll just cry or laugh, i won’t whine or complain
because it might just seem absurd or abstruse
but every tight fifteen has a germ of truth
oh wow, that’s wild!
somebody write it down:
“guy turns around like ‘f-ck you, clown.’”

words flow like
swirls of opium smoke
from my mouth
hurling stones at a big glass dome
i’m told is billy joel’s house

from dawson’s creek to
krochmalna street to the castles of krakow:
blackout! / back to the beach
the king’s speech / “twin peaks”
“party up” / “how’s it going down” / “down”
“pon de replay” / dil chahta hai
broadway the hard way / fame / “sloop john b”
peelander z / freeway
amanda palmer / staind