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letra de he did that - kj-52


he went and rose of the third yeah he did that
gave me all his promise and his word yeah he did that
what you never ever heard? yeah he did that did that
well then it’s time that ya learned that he did that did that
eh yo the kids back this cat can only claim he did that
i only aim to give back the holy name with this fact
i’m a state with this rap jesus came to fix that
i was lame sin stacked but right now since that
i found the way crossed it tossed it and then p-ssed
the sin of up on my life just at the cross where he nixed that
like rocking two different types of socks is a mismatch
is you trying to ice out ya watch w/ some thick stacks
now you’s up a creek w/ no paddle on a big raft
think you got a handle on ya life and you can kick back
but dude heres a sample of advice i wouldn’t risk that
you’re lies are the whopper but you far from a big mac
i aint a thug but i hangs w/ the riff raff
to attract em like a bug to the light w/ a lit match
now ya life may break apart in pieces like a kit kat
but that’s why jesus came to free us from the sin trap
now he was beaten he was bruised but never hit back
can u see the lashes that been used now on his his back
now everything that happened he went through cause of this fact
that he’s so deep now in love for you he went and did that
now everything i ever thought was cool i threw in his trash
and let him dump it out just to prove i never been back
now the pain and all the hurt i ever knew it’s just been since smashed
since i went and gave it all up to you i’ve never missed that
now forever i’m a live up w/ you its evidenced that
whatever i’m a lift up to you i always sense that
that together i can live through any storm life gives back
when i remember that the veil has been torn when you finished that
and you got the perfect timing on and on like a click track
whether or not my problems kind of big or small like a tic tac
now i could try and count all ya done but never list that
i’d rather get my hands up to the one and steady lift that and say.

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