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hi sweetie, nice to eat you - kiss the fallen


the sun has gone to sleep, and it’s now time
for rigid walls to break, and beasts collide
rise, my minions! i welcome you to battle
you’ll be the witnesses to this filthy destruction scene

i know, it’s getting late, but just say you will be there,
and i won’t wait, another night,
you have to swear you will be there (just swear you will be there)
just swear you will be there (will be there… i summon winds)

on your knees, this won’t be clean…
this won’t be clean… yeah

awaken, scream
i’ve got your tongue now, repeat the speech
i’ll help you see the light, when you’ve got nothing left
but that won’t be tonight, i’m ripping off your chest,
call upon your companions, your shameless breed,
i’ll show you how to dance, with two left feet,
we can go on all night, don’t forget to breathe
better get ready traitor, it all begins in… 4, 3, 2, 1…

i’ll gain my pride

there will be blood on the dance floor (4x)

light the torches let the flame burn,
burn all fame, burn all glory,
find the torches, light the matches,
it’s far too late for apologies…

now come out and meet your maker,
show me your so called greatness,
cause i still can’t recognize the honor that you speak of,
come out, show me something!
show me what you are made of,
i can’t be convinced
the honor that you speak of…

it’s war

(there will be bloodshed and broken bones, let the sin run deep beneath the skin)


gain my pride!
come out and show me what you got!