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letra de manhattan - kings of leon


i could dance all night
and some of the day
that’s how i play
that’s how i play

i say who are you
no matter who you are
so you dance all night
and you dance all day

i say
i say

gonna build a fire
gonna smoke it up
gonna sip this wine
and p-ss the cup

these avenues and
these reseviors
we gonna show this town
how to kiss these stars

i say
i say

you’ve come to kill
gonna spend it high
your parents grieve
i know they are right

and then talking to you
well they calm you down
so it’s all for you
who let you down

i say
i say
i say
i say

just wanna take you hand
i’m gonna drive you home
just gonna keep on
keep on, keep on
and you gonna have a rest