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forrest gump - king twano


run forest run
run forest run
running up a bag, pockets on forest gump

verse 1
run up a bag on n-gg-s, i bag these b-tches, then p-ss these b-tches
run to the bag on n-gg-s, the baddest b-tches, is average to me
b-tch yeah i’m married to riches, subtract then add the millions i’m dragging wit it
on my mind i had to get it, youngin coming from the trenches
money making n-gg- like mitch
we ain’t worried bout no b-tch
shawty left heart eyes on the pic
young boy just way too slick
made me dumb it down
young n-gg- run the town
so numb when i’m off this loud
diesal by the pound
and i’m back in the lab, and i’m back onna track
ran to the money, had asthma attacks
talk like you bout it, ain’t spitting no facts
b-tch i’m the one who put you on the map
sharp as a knife but on point like a tact
wait…i’m spazzing again it’s a wrap
i taught these n-gg-s how to rap
looking down on em like shaq
hey lil boy what you say lil boy?
i ain’t making no moves you fake lil boy
you ain’t pull no switch, that’s dre lil boy
you ain’t bang lil boy, you ain’t gang lil boy
yeah twano with da hits, i’m king lil boy
yeah back in the g we would hate y’all boys
all that false claiming turn you to a stain lil boy
better run, cause my n-gg-s got aim lil boy

run forest run
run forest run
running up a bag, pockets on forest gump

verse 2
run forest run
p-ssy you a chump
spinning through his block he started running, forest gump
got no patience for a sl-t
calling shotgun like a pump
b-tch i feel like al capone
bring them mobsters through the slums
came in first cause i’m second to none
run up a bag til i can’t feel my lungs
came from the gutta i’m out of the mud
she blowing me down just like its gun
blowing me down just like i’m a blunt
applying pressure i’ll never let up
feeling like sleepy this bag on the run
run it up run it up run it up run it up
i got some hits that might f-ck the whole summer up
b-tch i’m too lit every day i be cutting up
b-tch i’m man, like mc donalds they loving us
f-ck on ya b-tch man i might get another one
run it up run it up run it up run it up
most of these rappers really ain’t done enough
throwaway verses like none of them tough enough
thinking i’m phoney but really i’m coming up
i am the one and you need to level up
do this for fun, i murdered the beat
so i do accapella, they feeling the heat
rest in peace scoota, this sh-t for the streets
screaming free all my dogs, like get rid of the leash n-gg-