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letra de close to me - king jus


when i put my hands around your frame
i just know you remain
i just know you know it’s not a game but a way of life just the same
thin line
love shine by design
you and i
verse the curse who’s tryna tamper wit our minds
and so you may find
communication scramble outta line
an i got so much love for ya
i could start crying
we can’t be separated
because i start dying
can’t even fathom your absence
you there when i call
you when i’m broke
you there when i ball
and when i touch you i just wanna choke
i’d еlope but
it’s so much deeper
nevеr beat ya or miss treat ya
you’re my greatest teacher
and i don’t like to see when other’s try an done us
and run us with tin pan
stay close to me ma’am
stay close to me and
come see the world
wit a rough tough rapper
that stand for something
keep it thumpin
wit lyrics that scatter manz
stay close to me baby
i’ll pull you tighter
like i’m supposed ta
got me like a roller coaster
i know it’s cliché
what we say
but real though
like my flow
so i gotta rep it
and if you stepping’ to this vet well
matter fact forget it
dead it
the only label picking you up is the paramedics
in ain’t a bad man
but i got fast hands and crazy fans
i’ll stop conan if he bought it
i got it
plus sk!lls
and my dj tek 9 and kils
for real
so i’m destined for great
no matter what’s on my plate
cause i don’t conceal the truth or cause hate
so i’m a keep you where i seek you
and that’s deep in my heart
cuz you’ve been deep down in my heart from the start

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