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letra de venusian 2 (live in milan '19) - king gizzard & the lizard wizard


what’s up?
one, two, three!

[verse 1]
in the lap of the gods
the last one did explode
in a blaze all fiery
i sit in the c-ckpit
it may be a sinking ship
but fortune favours bravery

[chorus 1]
road trip with me
vitamin v
in focus now

venu (venu)
-sian two, oh! (-sian two)

[verse 2]
fingers getting warm
and eyes are turning gold
evil twin is coming in
weathering the storm
i put the birdie down
for the sin, i have a grin
[chorus 2]
road trip with me
vitamin v
i see the ground, woo!

okay, one, two, three
venu (venu-)
-sian two (-sian two)
venu (venu-)
-sian two, woo! (-sian two)


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