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letra de epithalamium - kill the con man


this is the story of staxx
she’s got a tv and she’ll crush a six pack
this is the story of staxx
the tv i mentioned has a built-in vcr

story of staxx
story of staxx

she was born in a swamp
she wrestled alligators and likes to curb stomp
i met her in gold pants
there was a jazz band and we made out

our fate was sealed on that first night
the last breath

i lay down and i closed my eyes
taking some time to say goodbye
let’s go into the final rest
i sacrifice what’s left

time to let go
time to let go

moving on from who i was
leaving nothing, part of something, everything i’m not
moving on from who i was
end of empty, start of plenty, everything i’m not
i’m free to live life stupid
standing next to me
i’m still struggling just to get by
i’m struggling still just to get
bye to feeling like i’m alone in this f-cking phone

i know it’s you
i know it’s you

when she shook it shook me
i was reminded life’s not static this all can change
time passes without mercy
every moment is gone, but not forgotten

one day this all will end
in a blaze together again

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