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letra de waste interlude - kil0


came out of prada with a bag (yeah)
came out of louis with a coat (oh)
i’m flexing ‘cause i never had
yeah i was down bad, i was broke
if he trying we make it a float
got a b-tch and she sniffin’ on coke
(yeah aye)
she give me dope
after we finish then she gotta go
(go yeah, she gotta go)
i’m smoking, sh-t making me grow
i got a shipment, came in on the boat (yeah)
i just pulled up in that motherf-cking rolls
i’m wipin’ that hoe, get the f-ck off the road
i could give less than a f-ck ‘bout a hoe
don’t hit me on insta, don’t call up my phone
y’all rеally switching up over a hoe
like my big bro i stick to thе goal
i’m with the gang yeah we going for gold
walk on the track get the f-ck off the floor
i copped a new watch that b-tch forty below
don’t give a f-ck i’m still high on parole
i need to switch up my habits, i know
i’m taking these pills it ain’t good for my soul