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letra de ​vv r e t c h - kig v2


i don’t wanna hurt n0body
mama mary, nurse this junkie
rollin’ round
no zonin’ out
absurd and naughty
on the surface, i sunk me
why’d i do that for?
why, can’t i pull that door?
ghost, like, ghost, like, “boo,” ya boy
hope ya, hope ya knew ya boy well
yeah i tripped, but who fell?
slew elder’s wishing, new cell
dwell no wealth, i do it, a duet, with dude in reflection, dukes dealt
listen, lessen the lessons, a fool’s bet
ay, i sway in the breeze with a cool belt
stop the caustic thoughts with guap? do tell
icy and raw, but i might thaw, blue bell
knew well ahead i was too good for loopholes
another shin0bi extolled on a tombstone
my mask like adobe, if mastered, i’ll steamroll
jabroni soaked gobi, through its blast, on my dream, hold
no past
just chains
this pain
i don’t wanna wash away
i wanna pep talk it to make its reps
i felt i held the ability
but realizing…i was f-cking kidding me
on the real
i wanna be the hero
but, still on the real
i’m afraid i’ll end up nero
or, worse for me, a zero
smh, what a pity
each mistake, out the woodwork to get me
and i would work for infinity
but optimism is k!lling me
can’t cop a fifth, or i’m k!lling dreams
opps were b-tches, now they’re people, too
no boogieman to evil fuse against
oo, we dance on the fence
where’s the sense?
just follow numbers
hug a trench
hug your mother
for some clout
puff a cloud
club or couch
sucker punch
when it’s now
ate your lunch, no text to hound
f-ck those chumps, for letting you cower
all alone, with yourself
all alone
with yourself
all alone…
with yourself…