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letra de jaded – kid tris


[chorus: kid tris]
jaded, on jaded, on jaded
my heart love automatic
had a tone up no patek
need them drugs and fabrics
fell in love with the wrong things
my heart slowly bleeding
it’s not all what it seems
i’m just stuck for the seasons

[verse: kid tris]
got up once
then i fell again
are you really riding
until the end
you don’t know the rest
i’m loving less
i’ll never know if i’ll feel again
hold up
wait just
a minute
don’t you leave
not finished
i just want your wishes
but you swear we finished yuh
hunnid bands the hunnid bands
i’m feeling lost i’m running man
steel the st–ze yuh
steal the st–ze yuh
need you jesus on my knees yuh
need you jesus on my knees yuh