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letra de 1 of 1 - key glock


i was raised by my grandma
young n-gga was bad as h-ll
know my mama wanna rap
cause’ she did 15 years in jail
used to walk up in the cl-ss
the teacher askin’, “what’s that smell?”
then she looked me in my eyes
and tell me, “boy you high as h-ll.”

well, i can’t help myself
baby you know i’m a player
baby you know real is real
you can’t get this everywhere
lord forgive me i be sinning
every night i say my prayer
i go [?] with the semi
imma’ shoot til’ nothing left

i caught my first charge
then i went on the run
caught my first body
then they meet after a gun
bought my first choppa
then i went through [?] a drum
yeah, lil b-tch imma’ [?]
i’m my momma’s only son
1 of 1

it ain’t nothing but k!llas and hustlers from where i’m from
i just stack my commas, remain humble, and don’t crumble
[?] young n-ggas muggin’ and they clutchin’ if you mumble
thuggin’, hotter than a summer
gotta trey-8 i was in the eighth grade
n-gga tried to play, i tried to take off his fade
i didn’t play no games, i cut the checks like spade
money what i crave, b-tch i’m eating everyday
let the choppa kick (yeah, yeah) karate
pull up with the stick (clap, clap) like parade
you know imma’ hit (yeah, yeah) i got aim
all these extended clips (yeah, yeah) i got flame

f-ck the fame, i won’t change
for no changes, got some chains
in my [?], look like rain
sh-t, i could have bought a [?]
and my wrist hurricane
i work up b-tch like a maid
everyday gettin’ paid
until im up in the grave
i count my first 100k and i was so amazed
i had no time to play, yeah, i had plays on plays
i was servin’ jays in my jays get my cake
i went to school late cause’ i kept that grade a

i was on a roll everyday to the bank
there ain’t no limit to this sh-t i might go buy a tank
pull up smoking mary jane, pocket full of franks
you n-ggas too d-mn lame, i do what you can’t
gang sh-t [?] (yeah)30-clip
flame like [?] (yeah) wrist, neck, rain
umbrella raf (yeah) rollie [?]
put it in your face

b-tch tried to play me i was like no way
you get up in my way and it’ll be a cold case
i shot my first opp with a revolver no trace
until this very day, i hit my knees and still pray