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outer straits - kevin klein


[verse 1]
tell me now, honey, where do i go?
i’ve lost my head on spinning wheel
where nothing feels right and nothing feels real
gucci guilt running ’round my neck
if i could go back and erase you from me
a moonlight kiss on the sidestreets
two tangled wills that break from afar
3 years now, how’d we get this far?

when all the colors of the mountaintops
they remind me of a love i’ve lost
with no shadow of a helping hand
and no comfort of a master plan
just a floating thought
in a furtive box

[verse 2]
so tell me now, friend, oh where do we go?
my mind’s on you in the year’s first snow
brooklyn bridge, in a future bеd
a daydream in and we’re thеre again
saying f-ck it all now, and give me those lips
a single hit from a love drug trip
smell of smoke in ride-share car
backseat storm tearing us apart
good god, i think i need some sp-ce
and find myself somewhere in the outer straits
with the sand and smell of sea salt air
before a time we really knew or cared
of a time bomb war
left behind the door



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