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letra de off top - kevin gates


“off top”

ughh ughh let the drough burn [?]

[verse 1:]
bread winners at the round table look who live that fly life
marijuana high time making show my vibe right
chick real fine thick thighs in the lime light
discussing aspirations only to get my mind right
this is benz precision
this is air bag carry on aromatic suspension
fake rappers should mention (kevin gates)
you f-gots all gay this fake rappers convention
reason why they like me reason they an’t felling you
believe in god not in the facade that i’m bullet proof
all you talk bout is killing an’t n-body shoot at you
fed the hood in the park dead game grilling stakes
had a couple hundred grand don’t know how a mill a taste
you n-gg-s paying for a hit i get it on the love
selling keys me and b watching out fah bloods
side line beef keep it street get it out the mud

[verse 2:]
watching movies in my condo perkins row
i often wonder if my neighbors know i’m working blow
responsibility acquired due to crack alley
watching out fah back stabbers better with the mathematics
i’m in shenanigans not a bit embarr-ssed
i’m the sh-t you n-gg-s lame and you lake swagger
let my dreads hang don’t do alotta braging
catch me late night lurking on a collage campus
girls dormitory taking off designer fabrics
i been yah girl backwards on the bottom mattress
you prolly think you know yo girl but i know her best
i know her p-ssy got an odor she be over dressed
you notice every time she round me it’s nothing to say
i rub between her crotch stick my fingers in her face
oh i exposed one you know what’s up n-gg-
pick up the phone yo foots come pick me up n-gg-

[verse 3:]
(i an’t never ask for it with no n-gg-r but i dam show gone bring it believe that)
change on my brain and every body want it
don’t be misguide body armer got a body on it
walk up on side me nod at you and somebody on yah
last n-gg- tried died hes a f-cking goner
behind somebody house on a f-cking corner
i’m like dam lips you was like my lil brother
all of ya’ll took you to the mall like my lil brother
n-gg- choked you out put his hands on you
you was round me n-gg- never put his hands on you
n-gg- respect me b-tch i’m out here
n-gg-s hide in the house they don’t come out here
i be telling n-gg-s chill for they own good
b-tch -ss n-gg- ant even safe in they own hood
i an’t playing round b-tch i’m spraying rounds
sh-t so gangster make yah main man lay em down
sh-t so gangster make yah main man lay em down
… (and that be off top)



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