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letra de take a hint - kevian kraemer


well hey
we’re a little complicated cause you always wanna misbehave (oh no)
saying that your somewhere but your sorry lying to my face
it’s not it’s not my fault
you never answered facetime calls (woah)
i can’t shake
the feeling that he’s driving around and that he’s taking my place
cause i got caught drunk in my room by my parents today
it’s not it’s not their fault
you never even cared at all and so
they tell me
forget every word you say
just take a hint
and just go with him
cause i’m done with it
and ur high school sh-t
has got me tired in so many stupid ways
and you got your (friends) they always talk behind you
i don’t understand why you stay
but i don’t care to much you’ll probably say the same
everyone knows
i’m leaving cause your digging your own grave