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letra de restart - kevian kraemer


[verse 1]

we met at 16, and i’m pretty glad we, did
cause, i’m not the jealous type but you make me jealous like a little kid
it’s been some months since then and some arguments they don’t even matter
i wanna know what are your plans and if you can stand it
i wanna be there after


and it’s so so easy to tell, when we’re falling apart
and it’s simple yet so terrifying when you lay in my arms
i can’t restart

[verse 2]

i hope you miss me when i pull away just for a second
cause spending all day in your bed, stop [?] very important lesson
it’s so so hard to love when it feels just like a cut up to your chest
i, i need to trust everything that we’ve become, cause you’re my best


and it’s so so easy to tell, this could leave a big scar
and it’s simple so lets keep on trying cause i know we’ll go far
i can’t restart
i only want you
i can’t restart

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