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letra de shaman's dance - ketzer


pour blood into fire
the pounding of drums, the heaving crowd
screams getting louder
like beats of the heart
up and down, left and right, no center to turn around

dismember me, oh journey of a million forms!
treading into the nightworld
lightly though fast
leaving behind the threshold
the word that won’t last
up and down, left and right, no center to turn around

mother – open my eyes
father – close them again
mother – take me to light
the center and the othеr side

my hands and my arms and my fingers are crossеd
i open my mouth and it’s gaping with l-st
uncertain life but certain death
dancing the dance on the carpets of sweat

entangled in trance i am your most wicked dreams
wet with life from the eclectic streams
come on, feel and see the horror of the shaman’s dance
join in the humming sounds
and feel the wicked love for death and life
take my tongue and
cut my thumbs, bark and howl
eat the earth
two becomes four, the beast it turns
up and down, left and right, no center to turn around

i’m the shape shifter, i’ll turn spirit and matter to one!

break through the circle
stand still like a rock
though i am here and there
silence and sound
the place between time i have found
up and down, left and right, my center to turn around

four becomes two and two becomes one
the journey will end at the places unseen
high, so high to the truth in between
death and life, up and down
follow the path to the heart of the world
i dance to the sky and leap up the clouds
dig through the dust and onwards i go
up and down, left and right
to the center and the other side