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letra de far from here - kendrick lamar


“far from here”
(feat. schoolboy q)

[kendrick lamar – singing]
a n-gg- so godd-mn stressed out
i feel like f-ck everything right now
see i’ve been broke too long, can’t find a job to save my life
but i’ll be d-mned if i give ’em a handout
see my pride is one thing i will not put aside
i’m too proud to beg, i’m sorry left eye
if i don’t make it in life, motherf-cker i tried
what? uh

[chorus 1: kendrick lamar]
you ever feel like n-body never understands you but you?
not your momma, your poppa, only person is you
not your brother, your sister, the only person is you
you ever feel like n-body never understands you but you?
n-body, n-body but you
so it feels like, like it’s only you

[chorus 2: kendrick lamar]
so i’m feeling like i want to, i want to
i want to, i want to go so far from here
very, very far from here
i need to, i need to
i need to, i need to go so far from here
very, very far from here

[kendrick lamar – singing]
it seems like, you can’t win for losing
whatever you’re doing turns out to be “what-are-you-doing?”
sitting pursuing, but your time will soon come
n-body knows the position that you in
but it’s a million people out there that’s going through the same thing
that feeling, hard to explain
when you just, just want to get away
something like

[chorus 1]

[chorus 2]

[schoolboy q]
away from it all
take me out of h-ll where only heaven can visit
the smartest astronomers, they won’t even see my vision
i’m stuck on the studio couch, now i’m thinking bout my daughter
times is getting harder, another beat is slaughtered
just press record or, seems like i need a mill’ to keep my sh-t in order
instead of problem solving
from my hat to my shoes, spirit laced with pride
set some sh-t aside to help me wipe my teary eyes
reaching for the skies, p-ssing on a cloud
sh-tting on a bird’s head, higher than a dread
as i fly through the galaxy, pain and the agony
nothing is surrounding me, living my life
though it’s better to write
configuring my style to the streets, bring dark to the light
so how you feel? my n-gg-, i keep it real
a schoolboy soon to be star, mr. lamar

[chorus 2]

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