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letra de why don’t you call? - kendra whitney


(verse one )
it’s 2 a.m. and i’m waiting for you to pick up your phone
you said you would call me last night
i know you’re out on tours doing shows
i know we can’t hold onto our love anymore
the tide is turning
the bridges are burning
my heart is in turmoil trying to let you go
but it’s been an hour
hurting myself for trying to love you

(chorus )
why don’t you call anymore?
did i do something wrong?
am i the one to blame for the messes i made?
i’ll break my own heart just to love you so i can stop the bleeding
you taught me to love like it’s no tomorrow
now i’m drowning in my own sorrows
why don’t you call anymore?
was i always the problem all along?
or is it because i’m writing this song?
trying not to break while i lie hеre alone

(versе two)
tried leaving you a voicemail on your phone
but i know it won’t go through
because you’ve made up your mind
we were just mending trying not to break
we kept eachother afloat
until it sank the entire boat
i lie here wishing you were here to hold me
so i didn’t feel all alone
knowing you’re not coming home
the rain patters on the windowpanes
it feels so cold in this room without you here
now i don’t know where i’m supposed to go
(pre-chorus )
why don’t you call anymore
i wish the silence didn’t make me feel so alone
your hand used to fit so perfectly in mine
now all i’m thinking about is did i do it right?
or was i wrong for loving you?

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