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letra de #000000 - kelechi


“i’m a black man in a white world”

beware of me
be scared of me
no care for me
nowhere for me
cause i’m..

[verse 1]
naija boy. nah i ain’t black like them
raised different. i ain’t act like them
my parents landed in the 80’s and they never smoked crack like them
my daddy here. nah i wasn’t raised by rap like them
my pants high. never rock a backwards hat like them
that low fade. don’t you braid your hair in plaits like them
wait i’m a naija boy, i told you i ain’t black like them
the police rolled up on me. put me in the back like them
cause i’m a…

[verse 2]
law abiding car riding scared of police
maybe cause our brothers dead in the streets
what you saying to me?
ain’t no one cause less terror than me
still momma taught me be prepared for the heat
she ain’t just teach me not to steal
taught me not to look like i’m stealing
take off hoodie
all green i see low, but my mob goodie
lights in our faces but couldn’t see through the dark could he?
black male
black questions
black answers
bad luck
turn black cat to black panther
july sun burnt blacks skin
black cancer
black coal in good black stockings
ask santa
touch your roots and have black thoughts
they’ll cat scan ya
so we hide from black ghosts in black phantoms
black market. black business. black anthems
black magic in black mecca
it’s atlanta

“i’m a black man in a white world”