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letra de once in royal david’s city - keith & kristyn getty


[verse 1]
once in royal david’s city
stood a lowly cattle shed
where a mother laid her baby
in a manger for his bed
mary was that mother mild
jesus christ her little child

[verse 2]
and through all his wondrous childhood
he would honor and obey
love and watch the lowly maiden
in whose gentle arms he lay
christian children all should be
mild, obedient, good as he
[verse 3]
for he is our childhood’s pattern
day by day like us he grew
he was little, weak, and helpless
tears and smiles like us he knew
and hе feeleth for our sadness
and he sharеth in our gladness

[verse 4]
not in that poor lowly stable
with the oxen standing by
we shall see him, but in heaven
set at god’s right hand on high
when like stars
his children crowned
all in white shall be around