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letra de gem of love - keely hawkes


i am the eye of your storm
your lions roar
on the battlefield
my love will be your shield
no cause for alarm
i will come to arms
the world could fall
we’d still be standing tall
and when you think all hope has gone
my beating heart will be drive you on
i will fight for you
give my life to you
when you can’t see the sky
i will make you fly
i’ll be dreaming ’till
i’m no longer breathing
rising from the wreckage
fighting for protect this gem of love
you’re all i’ve ever dreamed of
so i’m fighting to protеct this love

our love is bulletproof
thеre’s no breaking through
you can take your shot
but nothing can stop us
i’am the moonlight star
reflecting in your heart
if you lose the ground
i’ll never let you down
so when you think all hope has gone
i will be your secret weapon