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letra de powerful - kc makes music



man this sh-t is powerful
imma let it fade in

[verse 1]
had a let it fade in for a minute for get up in a groove and go sentimental on everything
this track is a playback my life asap, whatever direction i been headed in (fast, fast)
and every little get i’m on a get it in (fast)
you would think i’m bmx the way i’m pedaling (fast)
you would think i’m being vetted like i’m next up a freshman in a cl-ss
and i cut the debut because it’s selling like i’m trash (trash)
and i tally up a views like it’s trash (trash)
is it an illusion because fam says i’m at where i’m at and i’m at where i’m supposed to be at and i’m adamant (adamant)
that i should be at a level establishing plans with my management
i ain’t just drop this addiction anxiety ridden depression to be on that average sh-t

man this sh-t is powerful
it’s so overpowering
but if this sh-t is powerful

[verse 2]
then why do i feel so powerless
i been devouring off and then since i rapped in the shower
and we would attach an extension cord ran to the bathroom to power the compaq presario
this sh-t is powerful, actual cardio spaz on a track and i’m stacking up audio
trashing the last ones i made because i’m level up gaining in laps on the track like i’m andretti mario
and this isn’t easy for me well the lyricals are
i’m a beast you can see but the business is evil i mean it’s been two years i need to be seen
and before that i should have got clean
but before that i should have believed in myself like the people around me believe in me dammit i need to believe (fast)
and i get a little jaded with my situation at the moment people hitting me up and telling me you can make it
let me introduce you to a new producer but the new producer don’t maneuver to music i been making
i been losing, i been patient but i still ain’t played a show where people know me
so excuse me if i lose it and i’m raging and i’m off the medication
xanny used to make it so i tolerated it instead of going super saiyan
some days i feel like i’m trying to obtain the impossible
some days i feel like i’m running for nothing at all
some days i feel like i’m paralyzed stuck in my fear and i’m tearing and searching for clarity barely forcing my legs so they carry me

man this sh-t is powerful
it’s so overpowering
but if this sh-t is powerful

[verse 3]
then why do i feel so powerless
why do i let what you think of me
influence all my decisions eventually
why did i wait till i’m late in my twenties to do what i should’ve been doing initially
don’t let it get to me
just keep that forward momentum it’s one foot in front of the next
and at least if they never relate to a word that i say i’m relieving this stress
it’s a blessing, to be able to come from a place where i lived in the back of my coup
asking for loot, now i’m planning my shoot with my manager having a studio too
it’s amazing the things you can do when you put all the bullsh-t aside i ain’t even arrived
i’m just grateful i made it this far and i’m even alive