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letra de pedal bike rides - kav


we come a long way from all them pedal bike rides
kicking footie in my nike’s underneath them streetlights
chilling outside the shops, watching nitties getting high
i was raised up in the city where it’s difficult to thrive
all i see is blue lights and violence on a night
but when you’ve seen that from a kid, you know it can’t affect your mind
from a place where people don’t have goals and live blind
and it’s harder to go legit than it is to commit crime
but it’s fine cause i’ma stay strong and stay humble
and despite all the pressure, i promise i’ll never crumble
i’m tryna keep my distance from the fakes and the snakes
but it’s hard to avoid snakes when you were raised up in a jungle
i’m surrounded by the vermin but every day i’m learning
f-ck fakes, man i’ve dealt with more snakes than steve irwin
they always want a piece of them rewards that you’re earning
but they’re nowhere to be seen when you’re out putting all the work in
never trust n0body and that sh-t’s for everything
keep my circle small bro, smaller than a wedding ring
shout my bro kel, for that brother i’ll do anything
if he pulls up in that ride, he knows i’m getting him
and it’s nothing but loyalty when i’m stepping in
one phone call is all it took to get them weapons in
outside his crib and i couldn’t wait to start wrecking him
five minutes later, we came this close to getting him
sh-t, i guess god was on his side
he don’t even know how close he came to getting fried
but he f-cked up and switched up and left me out to dry
so if i ever see his face, that vendetta will apply
i remember days we used to kick it down harehills
sh-t was wild but we survived it like bear grylls
doing petty crimes every night to pass the time
running from them same police officers that are there still
you won’t see the murders on the news because it stays hidden
they’re too busy tryna make you and your mates listen
and you’ll get more time for drugs than if you rape women
trust me when i say there’s nothing great about great britain
it wasn’t good when i was young, i went through rough times
i saw some sh-t a kid should never see but that’s just life
it used to f-cking break me when i looked inside my mum’s eyes
cause every man knows there’s nothing worse than when your mum cries
school nights, i couldn’t sleep, i went through peak times
we had a couple mountains to face, i’m talking steep climbs
music used to block it out, i started writing deep rhymes
used to be n0body, now my name’s all over these sides
think i’m not game cause i’m legit, you must be daft
i’ve done things and seen things that these d-ckheads couldn’t hack
you wanna see my other side then all you gotta do is ask
like jim carrey, i’m a different person when i’m in a mask
just a lost boy that gained a reckless mind
like jake tyler, i ain’t backed down since i stepped inside
cause i’ve got too much to lose and i’ve got too much pride
this ain’t the inbetweeners 2, i’m not letting sh-t slide
heart full of pain, that’s why you see the aggression
the bad stages in your life will always teach you a lesson
you gotta fight hard and not fall to deeper depression
but if you’re putting in the work then you’ll see the progression
i’m tryna stack my wages, i wanna see better places
came up from the bottom but i made it all through the stages
if them people have never had to walk inside your shoes
then them people can never tell you how to tie your laces
f-ck the system, they want us locked up in cages
everyone’s a slave and we’ve been trapped here for ages
this one’s for the single mothers tryna feed their babies
but they can’t because the government keep cutting all their wages
stuck up in a cycle but still we stay mindful
they call us all criminals but we call that survival
raised on the estate where making money’s f-cking vital
and the rats and the snakes don’t change and stay spiteful
everybody’s bad until the opposition’s nine fires
round here, sh-t can get scary like mike myers
they say they’re bad but never slide like nice tyres
acting like gangsters but in school they were high flyers
you must be kidding me
the way these man are acting makes me feel sick physically
you just bought a new whip and a rollie just to stunt
while your mum’s out on the estate struggling and that’s a liberty
we are not the same and i would die for my mum
i’d smoke guys for my mum and i’d do life for my mum
i remember all them nights i used to cry for my mum
but sh-t’s changed now, i’m tryna make it nice for my mum
and we’ve come a long way from them pedal bike rides

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