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letra de top of the world - kate voegele


“top of the world”

out of the corner of my tired eyes, i’m not surprised
it’s now a quarter past too late, nothing new, it’s no case out of the ordinary
i’m so very wrapped around your finger this time
oh, won’t you give me awhile to unwind?

you’re on top of the world and i’m just waiting, making up your excuse
you say that love’s tough, are you sure?
ain’t it just a piece of cake to make me look like a fool?
you’re on top of the world and if you’re thinking
i’ve been blinking while you’re breaking the rules, don’t that make you the fool?
oh, you’re on top of the world

you’re like a splinter, just killing me slowly from inside
the piercing winter is so much more inviting than the stare in your eyes
one heavy cinderblock, like a rock you’re just staying, weighing, breaking me down
i’m crying out, you don’t hear me, you don’t hear a sound


hope i’ve lost enough to win you back your prize
to put you up sky high, get your pride back to its familiar place
and i hope it’s cost enough of my dear, precious time
to lift your spirits, spark your smile