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apple juice - kash bandit


burning down the block i feel like aagron
kb in yo sh-t i’m in a aston

smokin on some dope i feel like astronaut

you ain’t even know about this sh-t

riding down the block i feel like big gucci

melt a n-gg- face just like a igloo

real n-gg- in yo spot respect

ice on my neck is what’s on deck

kb sliding out
kb riding out already know just what it is

smoke dope where the fire
smoke a n-gg- with the fire

apple juice n-gg- you on sweet

b-tch made n-gg- you a sweet

cashin out on jewels with the team

perky gotta jiggin like the bean

got her comin back just like a fien

i don’t know the b-tch but she just know me

riding through city with a boss b-tch
cashin out on jewels had to f-k around
cop sh-t
n-gg-s mad because a n-gg- spazzing off the top sh-t
demon doing donuts n-gg- really f-ck the cop sh-t

b-tch i’m racked up
b-tch she mashed up
mash the p-ssy up

n-gg- i’m a lick yeah
check the fit yeah
check the shoes yeah
red bottoms yeah
whole top yeah
drop the top yeah
yeah saint laurent yeah

off the top
off the top
off the