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letra de inhumane - kapo archive


(migi, handle the defense)
(i love you pluto)
(why you look like that?, you look like some kind of, vampire from outer sp-ce or something)
my ties, uh
my ties tight uh
yeah, uh

[verse 1]
my ties tight, b-tch i’m with the mob it feel like the fam
he tried to cross me twice look at your homeboy he in a can
these n-ggas love going up wanna dip when sh-t hit the fan
you really gotta see who gon stay down
f&n bullets make a f-ck n-gga lay down
eyes go wide with the k round
all amb not r&b f-ck lil trey soundz
f-ck was these n-ggas on when i was so low now i’m going up
play with my brother i put that on sh-t that i love i slide like a puck
b-tch i’m in love with the green so you will not take off my head like a duck
these n-ggas be soft like a nut but on the inside he can get crushed
when i was formed to a rott these n-ggas grew up and learned how to pup
but look at my ksubi jeans, i got the sh-t and it’s staying tucked
this glock 19 it got a red beam
b-tch i guarantee it open ya cut
talk a lot n-gga bluff
i’m off that e-weed and i’m stuck
i’m off that crushed xan feel a rush
i stick him up then i feel the rush
squeeze n-ggas like a plush
860 you get bucked
that activist fill the cup
piece sign leave n-ggas in the dust
pull off i got the clutch
just stay st-rdy and don’t fuss
they like “kapo, why you consistently tryna take out someone brain?”
cause i don’t wanna reverse the sh-t that i think is just inhumane
or maybe i’m just overthinking
i’m off a x-pill not ever blinking
all these drugs talking and i’m sinking
i couldn’t see the snakes till i’m squinting
i see those two colors now i’m spirting
he do the drugs he better not fent it
they gave us the drugs but they got the fent in
they tried to lace us give us the sentence
b-tch i need a white plug like prentis
[verse 2]
i had that blunt but it got chopped
i’m going silent if i see the cops
felons in pictures so they cropped
he pop it in pictures he squeezing the glock
the l!cks got time i’m counting the clock
one minute in and he just stole a rollie
that sh-t crazy my boy a demon
two minutes in and you just seen some jewelry
we finna take that and trade it in
it just hit ten and his bag full, this n-gga really gotta dip out the house
but we do it fast, i roll it down soon as he get here he jumping in
w l!ck but shout out the plan
we getting rich this really my mans
street getting hot just like a tan
get out the spot you know that you banned
don’t f-ck with n-ggas three k’s is the clan
switch it up with the white mask like the klan
how much for a l!ck? b-tch that’s a grand
flexing the cash took off of the gram
call for the goats, b-tch imma stand
b-tch i’m a bad cop like stan
chop need a cool kid like fan
shout out the 500 plus in the stands
i’m tryna blow up like bam
that n-gga blew up like d-mn
that n-gga switched up and got canned
i beat the b-tch bad like kan

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