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letra de too advanced - kano


i’m lyrically too advanced if these knew the half of the shit i said
i would be number two to none
you see me grow from a seed to a plant
but when i was 15 i was still too advanced
but maybe that’s a problem from the start, the best spitters never did chart in the past
it used to be about bars then video k!lled the radio star
cause some things that i do say, is flying way over their head like lupe
yeah i make couple girl tunes with a new cray
try and dumb it down, try approach this a new way
try and break out of the prison like sucre
still they put me in a box like cornflakes
but it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day
and i ain’t feeling good like a tooth ache
i feel like a chef cooking souffle
and outsold by a f-cking nice pole
hands down, eyes closed
we’re better than half the americans, don’t ask why they’re breading them
the past is irrelevant
it’s a new day but i respect a real legend like cool j
i blame the uk, no loyalty that’s why i still will leave for the royalties
i respect that shine, that’s what the soil needs
but this ground works hard like armoury
but we can’t be beat
you can’t defeat heart, if you talking ’bout p’s then we can’t compete
i’m too advanced, a proven artist, use this craft to do these bars like cube, e’s, nas
but i could release the realist song and some kids won’t get it like chicken pox
feel free, only the real can feel me
f-ck a punchline, sometimes its the real me
and layer cake was the realest shit i wrote
never made the alb-m, the biggest ever joke
we can do with out them, it’s still a mountain to climb
i try but i’m feeling like malcolm
in the middle, of the bottom, of the top
aiming for the sky cause that’s where i belong