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letra de myself/mayweather - kankan


that bro a demon he crashed out (ha)
he tryna k!ll ya whole team, tryna k!ll ’em all
i’m overseas, cars maxed out, i’m overseas so i keep balling (shhhh)
your new hoe, she ain’t nothin’ to brag about, he cuffin’ eaters, i’ve seen it all
on the codeine, finna pass out, huh, you know i lean and i need it all
(yeah i need it all)
hundred k racks in the law, ain’t gotta explain myself
fall in, when these rap n-ggas on me, boy i hate myself
i’m pouring wock up, all in the coffee, some sh-t to change my health
i’m all in boston, lil n-gga i’m balling, yeah, i don’t need no ref
yeah, i drop a cross when i need n0body, you know [?]
huh, i drop a cross whеn i need n0body, yeah, i’ll do it myself, yeah
hop in thе crowd, the fans get rowdy, yeah, i feel like a rebel (i feel like a rebel)
i got blue diamonds, like dollar, blue paper, yeah it make me feel better
that boy tryna act like he bite, n-gga grew up on disney channel
i’m off real opium, baby, here we keep dracos like tony soprano
[?] hold me, baby, three hoes in the black truck, we ridin’ with ammo
get money, yeah it make me feel better
it ain’t no cap in my raps, yeah lil b-tch, i’m really rich just like mayweather
i told this b-tch this as good as it gets, sh-t ain’t get no better, yeah
in the back of the rolls royce with your b-tch, my wrist and that maison margiela, huh, hermes sweater
if you want some money, gotta get it with me
you want some hunnids, gotta come tap in
just like [?], bro still spending
you [?], why you gotta go spend?
cop that [?]
you know i stay with lil frank and lil benjamin
stay with lil frank and lil benjamin
me and my twin stay with twin dracos, n-gga, you know we stay twinning
yeah, you know i stay with a bankroll, yeah that ap it cost me a penny
stay up [?] til’ that b-tch closed, you know it just me and twin now

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