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letra de i was dust – kaleidoreal


he was down on his luck and hopeless
enough to drown in despair and darkness
between the bottles and smoke
felt he was a joke
the cruelest comedy

dreading his own reflection
everyday – a stranger without a soul
it’s safe to say life’s not going my way
but then whose way is it now?

in his time he was strong and handsome
he’d figure it out
no matter what trouble would come
but at the end of the day
was this aching in all his bones

dreading his life was ending
any day – his thoughts were racing so
it took all he had just to get on his knees
his search is over now

i was dust, terrified
scattered across the ground
broken up, just waiting for the sound
of the storm, raging through my life
but it never came, never showed
all i’ve done, all i owed
washed away now

she got up
packed her bags and left there
in a strange twist of fate
starting over is never too late

looks like it’s always been this way
everyday – a soul that’s lost is found
when the unexpected is all that we need
and finally we see

i was dust, terrified…