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letra de (heart) - kaiju soup


i want to show need
i can’t stand it
want a single moment
i want to own it

come in the place (in the)
own it a hero
i want to haze (in the)
i wanted zero
i’m giving bass (in the)
oh, what a hero
i’m with the bass, yeah

came in with that blade
cut my heart across my sleeve
i’ve been rolling up a dutch
i’ve been swollen up with pain
i’ve been holing up the case
i’ve been crawling up the bass
dropping all these f-cking bodies
then i leave them in the ditch

can’t run
can’t run away
gone with the snake
now run with the pain

i’m a phantom
i don’t want a mess!
imma pull up
empty out the strap
i get to blasting
all of ’em make pennies
yeah, i think imma act up
i got all this cash
i’m counting bands inside my bathtub

oh, am i wet
only me
i got women
i’m not taken
hold my wrist
and i’m okay
only given to hold my hand
watch how fast imma close my eyes
i resent when i cut my hand
i want hebrew to hold my head