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letra de srry - ka$hsaint


[intro: ka$hsaint & bigmonraph]

(shawty want me, shawty want me, shawty all up on me)
(shawty want me, shawty want me)
(all up on my body, all up on my body)

[verse: bigmonraph]
shawty want me, shawty want me
shawty really tweakin’ ’cause she all up on my body
shawty actin’ crazy, shawty actin’ crazy
b-tch keep trippin’ like she want another baby
shawty on my c-ck, grippin’ on my glock
if he talkin’ crazy i’ma spin up on his block
the spot gettin’ hot, bodies gettin’ dropped
straight head taps if we aiming at an opp

[verse: iredify]
aiming at an opp with this big f-ckin’ glock
i’m f-ckin’ on yo b-tch, yeah, she suckin’ on my c-ck
she love it when i spit, yeah, she love it when i’m top
give her this d-ck, yeah, she noticed that it’s hot

[verse: ka$hsaint]
she noticеd that i’m hot, she noticed that you not
why rudy buy a steak but livе in the watts?
told [?] that he gotta stop sippin’, he gotta stop stippin’
gotta get off the wock’

[verse: youngbasedgo]
yeah, yeah, yeah
, i’ma rep the set off
and have a dead-off

shawty said she want me but i don’t think that i follow
n-gga got his bankai but he lookin’ real hollow

[outro: youngbasedgo]
i don’t know why you change
and you keep changin’ your name
but i wish it was the same
the same
the same
the same
the same

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